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    About Sandstone Group

    Sandstone Group helps business in all major industries achieve strategic outcomes through aligning business processes with actionable revenue outcomes. Our experience span numerous industries, including energy, real estate and healthcare

    Meet The Team
    Stuart Turley
  • CEO and President
  • Stuart is guided by over 30 years of business management experience, having successful built and help sell multiple small and medium business while consulting for numerous Fortune 500 companies. He holds a B.A in Business Administration from Oklahoma State and an MBA from Oklahoma City University. He is also the Host of the Energy News Beat Podcast.

    Paul Graham
  • Managing Director
  • Paul solves problems and delighting customers by digitally integrating Business Operations, Sales, and Marketing. He has grown startups and refined processes in companies such as Charles Schwab, Enterprise and Swire Coca-Cola. He holds an B.S. in Business Administration with concentrations in Supply Chain & Organization and Innovation Management from Colorado State University and a graduate degree in Data Analytics from University of Denver – Daniels College of Business

    Michael Tanner
  • Board Member
  • Michael brings a unique skills set to our management team having worked in and around the oil and gas business for his entire career, first at a small startup focused on oil & gas technology, then working directly with Sandstone for a better part of 3 years, and now is the Director of Finance at King Operation Corporation. Michael holds a B.S in Petroleum Engineering, a B.S in Economics and an M.S in Mineral & Energy Economics from Colorado School of Mines.

    Our Services
    Business Integrations

    Business integration is driving present-day organizations and is a key catalyst for growth! We’ve broken business integrations down into five key concepts; reducing costs, preserving legacy systems, improving data accessibility, increased productivity, and streamlined operations.  Our services will surely allow you to improve communications and produce more precise results.

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    Convert More Traffic

    If you’ve been struggling to increase search traffic to your company’s site then look no further our digital marketing services. Our SEO services in particular will assist you in capturing more interested customers that will lead to an increase in conversions.

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    Find More Customers

    Everything you need to find customers! From market research to advertisement, Sandstone Group can help you gain new customers through the whole process. If you’re looking to take your brand to the next level this is a must!

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    Retain Customers

    You begin losing a customer the moment you gain them, here are some ways we can help you retain current and new customers. With a multitude of solutions such as Digital Marketing Services, Website and eCommerce Digital Transformation, and Paid Ad and Organic Targeting and Retargeting retention can be easy!

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