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    Market Research & User/Buyer Persona Analysis

    The Sandstone Group team has resources and connections to cover the world’s energy markets from supply and demand through geopolitical issues. There are new matrices that are impacting pricing for investors and consumers. Making informed investing decisions with data is no longer an option. Try out one of our examples

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    Paid Ad and Organic Targeting and Retargeting

    Both paid and organic social media will promote your company. With a wide variety of experience Sandstone group is able to utilize either or both to find your company more customers.

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    Lead Generation

    With our cutting edge SEO optimization and advertising targeting preferences Sandstone Group will surely allow your organization to reach as many consumers as possible. With our help your organization should never struggle to acquire leads ever again!

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    Digital Marketing Services

    With our digital marketing services you’ll be able to take your brand to the next level! Utilize our website building expertise and professional SEO services in order to get your company and products more recognized! Furthermore, we offer other social media management services and will run advertising campaigns on all top platforms to capture an increased audience.

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    Marketing Collateral

    Utilizing our experts in advertising and marketing we are able to create professional messaging in which ever medium your business requires. From simple flyers infographics and videos we have all the tools to create and promote your company on whichever platform your choosing to use!

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    Building & designing websites and ecommerce stores

    In a highly competitive online space the ability to promote and easily guide your consumer through a buying experience is vital. Sandstone Group can assist with Shopify store development and the improvement of the back end practices to optimize your store.

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    Raise Capital & Finding Qualified Investors

    At the Sandstone Group, we have international clients, employees, and energy thought leadership positions in energy geopolitical activity. We manage communications and implement business systems to support our stakeholders. Being a trusted business partner we hold contracts and supply employees in supporting roles for our clients. These services can range from sales lead calling, closing and online store management and fulfillment. In order to keep cost and efficiencies, we can manage VoIP, Servers, and business processes for our clients.,

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